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Our measurement, software, hardware and design activities started with the design of Electronic Electricity Meter in 1995; still continues in the form of production, sales and service of calorimeters and water meters and their automation systems.

Our company, which has an R&D center in the Technology Development Zone of Erciyes University;

In 2012, it gained a stronger institutional structure and said, “Atlas Meter and Measuring Instruments Yazılım Otomasyon San. Tic. AŞ “continues with its title.

Design, production and service of the Calorimeter (Heat Meter), Electronic and Mechanical Water Meters and their Remote Reading Automation Systems are the main activities.

Since its inception, our company has sold automation licenses to many industrial companies, from textile, which operates nationally and internationally, to the white goods industry.

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Principles Of Our Work

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Our Experience

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Web development - 10 years
Design - 8 years
Photography - 6 years
Video Production - 5 years
Marketing - 2 years

Our Company In Numbers

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