water control valve
water control valve

The Atlas Controll Valve is a hydraulically operated, diaphragm actuated control valve that opens and shuts in response to an electric signal.


Actuator Types:

  • Solenoid Operated ( Battery Operated)
  • Pilot DC Motor Operated ( Battery Operated)
  • EN GJS400  Material
  • Thermoplastic Coated (WRAS)

Control Types:

•   LoRaWAN RF model ( Up to 15 Km diameter ) Battery Powered
•   GSM/GPRS 2G/3G
•   NB-IoT ( Narrow Band) Srat with Narrow band then turn 3G/4G if not find network
•   Cable

• Requires low actuation pressure, Low than 0,5 Bar.   Uֺser-Friendly Design

Typical application :

Remote control with battery power,
Computerized İrrigation System
Low Supplied Pressure Irrigation Systems

Best Features

Line Pressure Driven, Hydraulically Controlled
■ Hydraulically control Valve with Solenoid Control
■ Line pressure driven
■ Electrically controlled On/Off
■ Suitable also for remote and/or elevated systems
■ Unobstructed flow path
■ Single moving part
■ High flow capacity
■ Highly durable, chemical and cavitation resistant
ֺ Unitized Flexible Diaphragm and Guided Plug
■ Excellent low flow regulation performance
■ Prevents diaphragm erosion and distortion
ֺ   Fully Supported & Balanced Diaphragm
■ Requires low actuation pressure
ֺ   User-Friendly Design
■ Simple in-line inspection and service