About Us

Our measurement, software, hardware and design activities started with the design of Electronic Electricity Meter in 1995; still continues in the form of production, sales and service of calorimeters and water meters and their automation systems.

Our company, which has an R&D center in the Technology Development Zone of Erciyes University;

In 2012, it gained a stronger institutional structure and said, “Atlas Meter and Measuring Instruments Yazılım Otomasyon San. Tic. AŞ “continues with its title.

Design, production and service of the Calorimeter (Heat Meter), Electronic and Mechanical Water Meters and their Remote Reading Automation Systems are the main activities.

Since its inception, our company has sold automation licenses to many industrial companies, from textile, which operates nationally and internationally, to the white goods industry.

Measuring instruments and their remote reading systems software hardware and design activities are currently undertaking R&D and Istanbul based national and international marketing activities with dozens of employees at Erciyes technopark.

Our company, which manufactures with the authorization of “MID CE” marking, produces products with the norms “EN1434” in heat meters and “EN14154” in water meters. Our company, which has “ISO9001: 2008” quality assurance system, produces using the most technologically advanced materials and design techniques.

Our company, which has agreements for software, hardware and design licenses for many national and international companies, also offers company-specific software production development service.

Our company is given by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization;

It has the certificate of “Authorized Measurement Company”.

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Our Core Values

We help customers and partners who require best-in-class performance with our uncompromising engineering practices and design methodologies that exceed stringent environmental requirements and industry standards.

Great Services

Wherever you are, we are there if you need our help. We provide continuous support to you with constant customer controls.

Highest Standards

We offer you our durable and high-tech products at world standards. We know that your expectations are also high.

Professional Team

We provide solutions to you by our expert teams at every stage from the product design stage to the installation process..

Creative Solutions

Just tell us what you need. Even if you just say your opinion. We also make you happy with our creative solutions.